Who, What, When, Why?

Cozy Guesthouse is a small but busy guesthouse. We are lucky to have Koh Lantas' best staff working with us. Without them - this wouldn't be possible. Meet them irl at Cozy, or scroll down to meet them here:

"Mr Cozy" - has been working at Cozy since the very beginning 100 years ago. His humor and positive attitud is well knowned and appriciated by our guests. You'll find him in the reception, in the bar, in the restaurant or maybe in one of our rooms - fixing a leaking tap. Not only is he an expert in taking care of our guests, but he is also the person in our team who everyone turns to and trust. We are so very happy to have him at Cozy!

Wan has been working with us since we started and is now doing her fourth season with us. Free-spoken, open-hearted and with a passion for food. She is also an artist, which can be seen in her food arrangements (and on the walls in our guest toilet!). You'll find her mostly in the kitchen. Maybe doing one of her famous dances ;-) The Cozy kitchen without Wan would not be a cozy kitchen!

Dtew came to Cozy our third season and proved to be a success. She scores great reviews and many compliments for her cleaning, she is meticulous and careful. You can see her everywhere in our guesthouse, wiping and sweeping, helping with dishes and also assist in the kitchen during breakfast. A star!

Lix also came to us in our third season and immediately found his place. His Thai food is praised by our guests and he is interested and curious, with many ideas - good qualities of a chef. Lix is to be found in our kitchen, a place he know well and like. Cooking is for him a show wich he perform with 100% commitment!

Alisa is doing her first season with us - but this doesn't mean she is new at Cozy. Not only has she been building parts of the guesthouse (!) but she has also been cooking, cleaning and serving at Cozy from time to time. We have wanted her to come and work with us for long time, and finally she is here! You will mostly find her in our reception and in our restaurant.

Also Ko is doing her first season at Cozy and we are so happy to have her here. With a calm, kind and smart personality she immediately find her place amongst all of us as well as amongst our guests. She is just impossible to dislike, always in a good mood and willing to share her smile. Ko is most likely to find in our bar and/or restaurant.

With a long experience from working in restaurants and bars - Noi has now find her way to Cozy for her first season with us. You will find her mostly in the bar where se makes excellent cocktails and shakes, but also in our restaurant. Her calm manner suits well in our sometimes very noisy and busy settings and we are so happy to have her in our team!

Mat is our newest contribution in our kitchen. A long time experienced chef with not only excellent cooking skills, but also with a great sence of humor and you will always hear whistlings and laughters from our kitchen when he is in place. We are happy to have "found" him - a very important part in our team!

Anders and Linda
Swedish owners of Cozy Guesthouse since August 2015. 

We came to Koh Lanta and Cozy hoping for a life where we could spend more time together, where we weren't freezing and where we could do something good about our two great passions – food (Anders to make it, Linda to eat it…) and people.
Anders has been in the restaurant business since he was 17. His idea of good food is to make it simple and tasty, without too much frills, with good and fresh ingredients. 
Lindas interest in food is all about eating it. She’s been working the last 15 years as a nurse in emergency healthcare. If you ask her – it’s not that big difference in running a guesthouse from working in the ER. You have to solve upcoming problems, preferably easy and quick and you never know what to expect from a new day.