We think we can make a difference

Environmental issues is difficult to handle in a small, tropical island like Koh Lanta. But we are absolutely sure we can make a difference. So this is what we do and more will hopefully follow;

- We separate (almost) all garbage. 
We have a "garbage-man" coming to collect almost all our garbage as hard plastic, glass, light bulbs, batteries, papers, metal waste, electronic waste and bigger things like broken fans etc. 
He pay a small amount to get it from us and he sell it a bit more expensive to Krabi for recycling. The money we get is shared among our staff at the end of the season.

Garbage is money - a win and win situation where our environment is the biggest winner of all.

- All our hotel guests have free drinking water while staying with us. This is an attempt to less the use of single use plastic water bottles at Koh Lanta. We use the Trash Hero bottles, you can read more about them here

- Say no to plastic bags! All our hotel guests is offered a fabric bag to use while staying with us. Perfect to use for 7/11-shopping etc.

- Say no to straws! You only get a straw for your drink if you ask for it, and we only provide paper straws. We sell reusable bamboo straws for guests to bring home and use many times. 

- Recycling! We use recycable bottles for water, sodawater and soft drinks. 

- We use LED lamps everywhere where it's possible at Cozy.

- We use paper boxes and paper bags for take away-food. 

- Everything left in the rooms like clothes, towels, sunscreens etc, is taken care of by our staff. Nothing will be wasted. 

- Used coffee powder and eggshells is taken care of and used for plants by a local grower. Same person takes care of our food leftovers and gives it to his dogs.

These are some of the things we do in our attempt to save Koh Lantas' environment, which is struggling with big garbage problems. Many recycling projects are going on and we are happy to see that the interest for paper straws and separating garbage is growing.