Breakfast menu

Looking for a nice breakfast at Koh Lanta? Try us! Big portions, nice tea and coffee, a wide rage of drinks and housebaked bread... Eat in our restaurant or bring home in a paperbox. We are open for breakfast from 8 am every day - welcome!

Natural yoghurt:
With fruit
With müsli
With fruits & müsli
Grilled Panini served with tzatziki and tomatosalad:
“Croque monsieur”-style with smoked ham, aged cheddar, mustard, onion and tomato. 
"Mediterranian"-style with chicken, aged cheddar and pesto. 
WHITE or BROWN baguette:
With shrimpmayo
With tunamayo
With chickenchilimayo  
With brie, sundried tomatoes & olives With cheese and salami/ham                        
Small fruit plate
Homemade baked beans
Toasted bread 
Scrambled eggs 
Fried eggs 
Boiled eggs 
Crispy bacon 
Thin pancakes with HONEY or JAM
Grilled toast with ham, cheese, onion
and tomato