Lunch Menu

We are open for lunch everyday from 11 am. Eat in our restaurant or bring your lunch home in a paperbox. Welcome to Cozy Guesthouse, Koh Lanta!


grilled chicken, crispy bacon, croutons, parmesan and Ceasardressing
house smoked salmon, crispy bacon, croutons, parmesan and Ceasardressing
chevre, walnuts, beet roots and balsamicovinaegrette - served with homebaked bread
Grilled Panini:
served with tzatziki and tomatosalad

“Croque monsieur”-style
smoked ham, aged cheddar, red onion, tomato and mustard
“Mediterranean style”
grilled chicken, aged cheddar, red onion and pesto

Wrap/grilled chicken with vegetables, bacon and pestomayo
Wrap/housesmoked salmon with vegetables, homemade aioli and spicy pineapple salsa
Wrap/vegetarian with vegetables, olives and small tomatoes baked with herbs

Chicken fillet stuffed with garlic and sundried tomatoes, served with pasta in creamy tomato- and white wine sauce
Pasta with red onion, bacon, beef and bellpepper, served in gorgonzolasauce
Pasta with garlic, pesto, spring onion, olive oil and parmesan

Main dishes:

Chicken clubsandwich with grilled chicken fillet in chili mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce, tomato and red onion - served with homemade French fries
Fish burger with herbs aioli, spicy tomato salsa and grilled lime - served with homemade French fries
Bacon-cheese burger Aussie beef burger 200 gram with bacon, aged cheddar and Cozys’ dressing - served with coleslaw and homemade French fries
Kids burger beef/chicken/fish
includes kids choice of topping - served with homemade French fries.
Thai dishes:

Chicken satay with peanutsauce

Homemade vegetarian springrolls with sweetchilidip and plumsauce

Chicken in pandan leaves marinated and deep fried, served with an awesome black dip

Som Tum – payasalad with chili, lime and peanuts   

Laab gai – spicy chicken salad with garlic, coriander, chili, shallots, lime, mint leaves and more

Laab gai tod – spicy chicken meatballs
Laab gai in a different way

Khua Kling – spicy, chopped chicken
with red curry, spicy chili paste, lemongrass and lime leaves

For following Thai dishes, it's your choise; vegetarian, chicken, beef, prawns or pork

Tom Ka – a white, milky Thai soup
with veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps, ginger and lemongrass

Tom Yum – a red, spicy Thai soup
with veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps, mushrooms and chili

Pad Thai – fried noodles with veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps, tofu and egg

Fried rice with veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps and egg, served in a pineapple

Fried veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps with garlic and black pepper 

Fried veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps with cashew nuts and dried chili

Massaman curry with veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps, potatoes and peanuts

Paneng curry with veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps, coconut milk and limeleaves
Chopped and fried veg/chicken/pork/beef/shrimps with Thai basil leaves