Purple room

Purple Room is called "Double room budget with no window" at booking.com.

This is our cheapest room.
It's small, about 12 sqm, built in 2014 and located behind the reception on the ground floor. 

This room is suitable for guests who wants a cheap, basic room without needs for view or lots of space, but still like to enjoy the comforts like air condition, hot shower, a big fridge etc. 
It might be a bit noisy at buisy hours since it's close to our restaurant and reception and the only window is a small window facing the corridor. 

The private bathroom is also small but includes everything a bathroom should include. As in many places in Thailand, the shower is placed very close to the toilet, almost OVER the toilet. 

Still, this room has everything as the other rooms when it comes to facilities and also a smart-tv, but PLEASE don't ask us how it works, we have no idea! But according to our smarter guests it is working... Contact us if you have any questions (but not if you have questions about the smart-tv...).

Small, cheap and cozy - Purple room.