We believe we can make a difference

Environmental issues are difficult to handle on a small, tropical island like Koh Lanta. But we are absolutely sure we can make a difference. So this is what we do;

- We separate (almost) all our garbage. We have a "garbage-man" coming to collect our garbage, as hard plastic, glass, thick papers, metal waste, electronic waste and bigger things like broken fans etc. He pay a small amount to get it from us and he sell it a bit more expensive for recycling. From the money we get - we buy Thai lottery!
Garbage is money - a win and win situation where our environment is the biggest winner of all.
The thin paper goes to Lanta Animal Welfare and is used for cats toilet, old batteries are taken care of by Lanta Diver and brought to Phuket for safe destruction.

- You only get a straw for your drink if you ask for it, and we only provide paper straws and #plasticfromplants-straws, which are made from plants, feels and looks like plastic - but is compostable. 

- We use recycable bottles for water, sodawater and soft drinks.

- We use LED lamps everywhere where it's possible at Cozy.

- We use paper boxes and paper bags for take away-food. 

- We collect clothes, toys and school materials and hand it out for people with little or no money on the island.

- All our food waste is collected by locals who feed their animals with it. 

These are some of the things we're doing in our attempt to save Koh Lantas' environment, which is struggling with big garbage problems. Thank you for being a caring traveller!