Cocktails 170b

Gin tonic
* Classic
* Cucumber and black pepper
* Pomegranate, mint leaves, orange zest

Pina Colada: Malibu, pineapple, coconut milk, lime
Vanilla Sky: Vodka vanilla, frozen raspberries, sprite, lime
Frozen strawberry Daiquiri: Rum, frozen strawberries, lime
Mango Daiquiri: Rum, mango, lime
Margarita: Tequila, triple sec, lime
Spicy pineapple Margarita: – let us add fresh pineapple and some chili crush to your Margarita and see what happens…

Rum, brown sugar, mint leaves and lime
*Classic – that’s it!
*Passionfruit – Fresh passionfruit added
*Mango – Fresh mango added
*Watermelon – Fresh watermelon added
*Rhubarb and strawberries – Rhubarbs and strawberries added
 *Mojito Diablo - Tequila, cassis, brown sugar, mint leaves, black currents and lime.

Other Cocktails

Cozys’ white sangria
glass 230b/carafe (1,2 litre) 950b

A white sangria made of sparkling wine, cucumber, pineapple, mint leaves and some top secret ingredients…
Coffee drinks 210b
*Irish coffee: Coffee, Jameson, brown sugar, whipped cream
*Coffee Carlsson: Coffee, Baileys, Cointreau, whipped cream
*Bamboo Papa: Coffee, Jameson, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce
*Espresso Martini: Espresso, vodka, Kahlua
Aperol Spritz 230b
Aperol and sparkling wine
Mocktails (no alcohol) 90b
*Pineapple cobbler: Light and sparkling summer drink with taste from pineapple, strawberries and lime
*Sparkling Apple: Fresh apple taste with a cinnamon twist
*All mojitos - but virgin

Gin tonic cucumber and black pepper
Mojito rhubarb and strawberries
Cozys' white sangria