Our craftbeer selection is constantly changing. What's here today might be gone tomorrow. 
We aim to always have a wide range of craftbeers and other special beers and non-alcoholic options - which is quite a challenge in the pandemic situation we're still in.
But, we promise we will do our best to provide you with some favourites and we hope to present a much longer list later this season.


Feral Biggie Juice 6%,    235b
American style IPA from Feral Brewing Co, Australia.
Juicy taste from tropical fruits like passionfruit, mango, apricot and peach and with a subtle bitterness.
375 ml

Feral War Hog 8%,    245b
American style IPA from Feral Brewing Co, Australia.
Taste from pineapple, mandarin, grapefruit and grass.
375 ml

Beer Farm 5,6%,    245b
American style IPA from Beer Farm Metricup Brewery, Australia.
Pinapple and stonefruit aroma and a rounded malt character.
375 ml

Dry and Bitter UW (U-DUB) 6,3%,    320b
American style IPA from Dry & Bitter Company, Denmark.
Described as super oily and very hoppy, a combination of dank resinous flavours with tons of tropical fruit.
440 ml

Outlaw Mosaic 6,5%,    195b
American style IPA from Outlaw Brewing, Thailand.
Single hop with taste from mango and pineapple
330 ml


Dry & Bitter Deluxe Aeterna 4,9%,    290b
American Pale Ale from Dry & Bitter Company, Denmark - brewed in cooperation with Queer Brewing. Soft oats and fruity taste.
440 ml.


AleBrowar Herr Axolotl 3,8%,    270b
A Berliner weisse style sour beer from AleBrowar Brewery, Poland.
With taste from pink guava and with refreshing sourness.
500 ml


Octane Overlord 12%,    365b
A Russian imperial stout from Moersleutel Craft Brewery, Netherlands.
Black with taste of bitter chocolate, roasted malt and smoked wood.
440 ml


Craftbeer from Feral Brewing: Biggie Juice and Warhog.
IPA from Beer Farm Brewery.
IPA from Outlaw Brewing, Thailand.
Craftbeer from Dry & Bitter Company. U-dub IPA and Deluxe Aeterna, pale ale.
Cozy Restaurant, Koh Lanta, proudly presents our first sour: Herr Axolotl!
Stout: Octane Overlord.