Pecan pie served with homemade vanilla icecream, salted caramel sauce and raspberry coulis… 220b
Frozen chocolate mousse served with spicy mangosalsa and roasted coconutflakes… 220b
Chocolate-chili-brandy truffle… 70b
Cozys’ bananasplit… 150b
Homemade icecream scoop of the day… 70b
Scoop of icecream (not homemade)… 40b
vanilla, strawberry, chocolate
Jelloshot… 120b
Ask for todays flavor

Mango sticky rice… 150b
Mango sticky rice.
Mango sticky rice.
Cozys' banansplit
Frozen chocolate mousse
Pecan pie
Homemade icecream. This time white chocolate and raspberries.