Western food

Scallops... 270b
Fried in garlic and butter. Served with pumpkin puree, apple marinated pork belly and herbs oil. Oooh la la in your mouth.
Chévre... 270b
Chévre mousse on butterfried toast. Served with tomato/tangerine marmalade, roasted walnuts and balsamico glaze.
Soup... 250b
Cozys’ red fish- and seafood soup. Served with garlic bread and herbs aioli. Starter size.
Cheeseplate... 395b
Matured cheddar, gorgonzola, marinated parmesan, chévre mousse and house marmalade. Served with crispbread and soft bread.
Deepfried chicken wings... 150b
Served with Smokey Anders BBQ-sauce
French Fries... 120b
Served with herbs aioli

Welcome to look at our Thai tapas menu for more starter-choices.

Caesarsalad/chicken... 250b
Almost classic. Grilled chicken, crispy bacon, croutons and parmesan.
Caesarsalad/salmon... 295b
Less classic. Cajunfried salmon, crispy bacon, croutons and parmesan.
Pasta... 285b
Aussie beef tenderloin, bacon, red onion and bellpepper in gorgonzola sauce.
Seabass and prawn... 425b
Panfried seabass fillet and a prawn. Served with roasted cauliflower, browned butter, wasabi crème and garlic mashed potatoes. Chefs’ wifes’ favourite.
Salmon... 475b
Cajunfried. Served with spicy mangosalsa, herbs aioli and deepfried potato wedges. Also Chefs’ wifes’ favourite.
Soup... 375b
Cozys’ red fish and- seafood soup. Served with garlic bread and herbs aioli. 

Aussie beef tenderloin... 790b
200g. Served with bearnaise, red wine sauce, bacon wrapped aspargus and potato gratin.
Lamb... 570b
Honeyglaced slowcooked lambshank served with rosemary sauce, fetacheese crème, garlic mashed potatoes and crispy roots. Chefs' recommendation!
Cauliflower... 295b
Roasted cauliflower served with tomato risotto and grilled asparagus.
BURGERS... 325b

All burgers are served with salad, tomatoes, pickled red onion (on the side), French fries and herbs aioli.
Cozy burger
Aussie beef burger 200g with apple marinated pork belly, gorgonzola and spicy apple chutney.
Bacon-cheese burger
Aussie beef burger 200g with matured cheddar, crispy bacon and Cozys’ burger sauce.
Halloumi burger
With spicy mangosalsa and jalapenos.
Vegan burger
Bean based burger with jalapenos and Smokey Anders BBQ-sauce. Served with hummus instead of aioli.

Kidsburger 150
Aussie beef burger 100g. Served plain with vegetables and Cozys' burger sauce on the side.
Add cheese 10b.
Abb bacon 10b.

Special guest dish – see our blackboard!

VAT (tax) is included 7%
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Seabass with prawn
Cauliflower with risotto
Beef tenderloin
Caesarsalad chicken
Caesarsalad salmon
French fries, always served with herbs aioli
Scallops, starter
Chevre creme on butterfried toast, starter