Who, What, When, Why?

Cozy is a small but busy restaurant. We are lucky to have Koh Lantas' best staff working with us. Without them - this wouldn't be possible. Meet them irl at Cozy, or scroll down to meet them here:

Linda and Anders

Swedish owners of Cozy since August 2015. 

Anders has been in the restaurant business since he was 17. His idea of good food is to make it simple and tasty, without too much frills, with good and fresh ingredients. 
Linda has been working 15 years or so as a nurse in emergency healthcare. If you ask her – it’s not that big difference in running a restaurant from working in the ER. You have to solve upcoming problems, preferably easy and quick and you never know what to expect from a new day. 

How lucky we felt when we found Tuttu, or if she found us - just as we needed her the most. Not only is she a very skilled waitress and bartender with a special feeling for service, always seeing our guests and their needs, but she also has a great sence for the small details that contribute to the atmosphere at Cozy. She is interested, careful, calm, funny and attentive and a solid rock in our team. 

We are so happy to have Takky working with us and providing us, our staff and of course - our guests - with Thai food cooked with magic and love. Working in the Cozy kitchen is busy, noisy and stressful and Takky is the right woman to handle all of it and at the same time put all the Thai flavors together in a beautiful symphony. Always open for new ideas and the guests requests, without ever complaining. 


She's back! When we had our guesthouse (pre-covid...) she scored superhigh ratings for her cleaning in the hotel rooms and other areas in our guesthouse and restaurant. She was also a solid rock in our kitchen at that time and we are so happy to have her back after a year withour her. Teo is now working part time in our kitchen where she is "the right hand" for both Anders and Takky. Always calm, organized and careful. 


New waitress at Cozy this season, but not new to the restaurant business. Nit has got years of experience from working in a resort and restaurant on Koh Lanta. You will see her in our restaurant, but she is also helping whereever she is most needed at the moment. Nit is enthusiastic, caring, helpful, funny and a very important part of our team.


After working at Cozy for only a few days, Mui immediately became an important member in our team. She is working as a waitress but also got skills in the bar if needed. Service comes very naturally for Mui, who has years of experience working in one of our favorite restaurants on the island (!). Quick and easy going, calm and efficient and always with the guest's best as her goal.

As the season is getting more and more busy, Cozy is also filling up on staff and we are very happy to be able to present Yui! With very little experience from working in a restaurant and bar, she was thrown into our place on a busy Friday evening and did an excellent job from the first minute. Quick and willing to learn, easy going - and immediately adopted into our team. Great to have her in our bar!

Lek is our latest gem in our growing Cozy-team. Kind and humble with a very natural sence of service and to see every guest's need. With not much experience from working in a restaurant - it can be quite a chock to meet Cozy a busy evening, but Lek has handled her first time with us excellent. Calm, methodic and quick to learn. The important last piece in this season's staff-puzzle!

We are a bit picky when it comes to find the right staff at Cozy and it took us some time to find one more Thai Chef to help us in the kitchen - but here she is! On has experience from working in Thai restaurants before, which is a good experience but different from working with Western standard and Anders' rules... But On is quick to learn new skills and immediatelt found her place in our kitchen. Kitchen is complete!