Who, What, When, Why?

Cozy is a small but busy restaurant (when we are not in a global pandemic that is...). We are lucky to have Koh Lantas' best staff working with us. Without them - this wouldn't be possible.
Meet them irl at Cozy, or scroll down to meet them all here:

Linda and Anders

Swedish owners of Cozy since August 2015. 

Anders has been in the restaurant business since he was 17. His idea of good food is to make it simple and tasty, without too much frills, with good and fresh ingredients. 
Lindas has been working the last 15 years or so as a nurse in emergency healthcare. If you ask her – it’s not that big difference in running a restaurant from working in the ER. You have to solve upcoming problems, preferably easy and quick and you never know what to expect from a new day. 

Bamboo has been working at Cozy since the very beginning 1000 years ago. His humor is well known and appreciated by our guests. For our regulars - he don't need any further presentation... You'll find him mostly in the restaurant but you also can see him fixing leaking taps, broken chairs or any other kind of construction. A key person in our team!


Go is doing her third season at Cozy and we are so happy to have her here! With a calm, confident, kind and smart personality she immediately became an important part of the Cozy-team and she also quickly became very popular amongst our guests. Go is most likely to find in our bar and/or restaurant where she is taking care of both guests and staff who needs someone to turn to. 


Kim came to us when we were in a critical need of extra hands. This is not an easy assignment - little time for learning and under hard pressure from guests and the rest of the team. We where afraid that we scared her off her first evening - but she proved to be stronger, and her personality is now doing well in our sometimes chaotic environment. Calm and rigorous. She is a multitasker, like most staff in our team, you will find her in our bar/restaurant or wherever. We are very happy she found her place with us!

Dtew came to Cozy in our third season and proved to be a success. She scores great reviews and many, many compliments for her cleaning. She is meticulous and careful. You can see her everywhere in our guesthouse, wiping and sweeping, helping with dishes and also assist in the kitchen. Cozy has never been as clean as it is after she entered our doors. She is a star and a very important person in our team. 


Ning is our newest team-member. She came to us during the most busy season last  January and it's a pleassure to have her at Cozy. She has a great influence in the kitchen with her calm and positive personality, so well needed in a sometime chaotic and noisy environment. She is not only an excellent Thai chef and assistant in our kitchen, but also a very important piece in our team-puzzle. We are so happy to have her working  with us!