Who, What, When, Why?

Cozy is a small but busy restaurant (when we are not in a global pandemic...). We are lucky to have Koh Lantas' best staff working with us. Without them - this wouldn't be possible.
Meet them irl at Cozy, or scroll down to meet them here:

Linda and Anders

Swedish owners of Cozy since August 2015. 

Anders has been in the restaurant business since he was 17. His idea of good food is to make it simple and tasty, without too much frills, with good and fresh ingredients. 
Linda has been working the last 15 years or so as a nurse in emergency healthcare. If you ask her – it’s not that big difference in running a restaurant from working in the ER. You have to solve upcoming problems, preferably easy and quick and you never know what to expect from a new day. 

How lucky we felt when we found Tuttu, or if she found us - just as we needed her the most. Not only is she a very skilled waitress and bartender with a special feeling for service, always seeing our guests and their needs, but she also has a great sence for the small details that contribute to the atmosphere at Cozy. She is interested, careful, calm, funny and attentive and a solid rock in our team. 

We are so happy to have Takky working with us and providing us, our staff and of course - our guests, with Thai food cooked with love. Working in the Cozy kitchen is busy, noisy and stressful and Takky is the right woman to handle all of it and at the same time put all the Thai flavors together in a beautiful symphony. Always open for new ideas and the guests requests, without ever complaining.